Tutorial for beginners by Nicos1987 FC Lib - Belgium

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Tutorial for beginners by Nicos1987 FC Lib - Belgium

Postby HMFO » 12 June 2017, 17:02

Hourra Manager

Tutorial for beginners by Nicos1987 FC Lib - Belgium

Hello Coach,

Before you start, don't throw yourself right away on the transfer market because the possibilities are limited during your first 15 days on the game, like that you can take your marks.

Meanwhile, you can only recruit free players without a contract (Senior and U17) or make transfers with new managers like you.

Here are a few points that make it possible to set up a suitable team and help you understand how the game works.

The training

As below, I did a training planning based on the Tackle and the Man for Man :


At the bottom of each column, it's shown how many points of form are lost at the end of the day. Don't go further than -12 because when the player is 100% condition, he recovers only 12pts overnight.

On match days, the number below the column must be equal to 0 so that your player is 100% fit for the match.

On each training card (click on the i logo in blue on the right of the screen) the skills worked and the number of form points lost are shown (example below) :


Make a planning for each training card or 2 maximum if necessary (except goalkeeper) and assign them to your players according to the skills you want to improve.

For Goalkeepers, you can take example on this one :


At each start of the season (or when you have just registered), Jogging card all the time to your players for 6 consecutive days and the Sunday rest throughout the day to start the first week of the calendar in full form.

Don't forget to change the training for the days when you will play in the National cup (Monday) and the European Cup (Friday).

Compo and tactic editor

For the compo, don't look only the general note of the player but also the temper and the skills specific for each role.

Let's go on a classic 4-1-2-3 to begin.

The central defenders and the defensive midfielder must have good stats in Head, Tackle, Positioning, Man for Man, Control, Speed to win their duels.

Backs need Speed, Tackle, Positioning and Man for Man.

Offensive Midfielders must have good skills in Speed, Call, Shooting, Brain, Creativity, Passes and Control.

Wings must have a lot of Speed and Call as well as Passes, Control and Creativity.

For the free-kick and penalty-kick, the player with the best skill in Shoot is of course preferred.

Don't forget the Positioning on corner, put the players who have the best skills in Passes to kick the corner and put players in the surface that have very good skills in Shoot and Head.

Under 17

The U17 only progress by +5 per training if they have made their 6 days of endurance.

The friendly matches and the U17 Challenge are not taken into account for their progress.

It's highly recommended to make them work only Stamina and Speed because these two skills are difficult to develop once arrived in seniors.

The curves of progression

Players who have arrived as seniors don't progress in the same way.

They have a different progression curve: there are the "young", "ordinary", "constant" and "late" curves.


It's important to make the stadium evolve in order to have enough revenues to cover the salaries of your players.

Warning !! When you expand a stand, it isn't available to spectators for a month and you will lose a percentage in incomes. It's better to build one stand at a time..

Don't hesitate if necessary.

Good season on Hourra ;)

FC Lib
Ligue 1 Belgium

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